The Awesomeator

Welcome to the Revolution!

The Awesomeator is a ridiculously cool bentsrument. Basically, you plug it into an amp, and its Awesome! You can plug any instrument, microphone, or sound producing device into it, and they become Awesome! (Or Awesomer...)

The Awesomeator serves as a stand alone instrument or an effects pedal. The original circuit is from a Barbie karaoke guitar.

When sound is input from an external source, the Awesomeaor has multiple functions including:
- Overdrive Distortion
- Low Pass Filter
- Delay
- Delayed Delay
- Chorus

Standing Alone, the Awesomeator generates many sounds:
- Barbie's Voice
- Tones
- Beeps and Bleeps
- Radio Transmissions

Effects can be altered or activated using switches, knobs, body contacts, a keyboard, or a light sensor.

A video will be released soon.

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