There has been a lot going on in for all over the where. Sadly, there has been so much that we have not been able to keep up with the site. Many apologies. Here is a super quick run down: we have applied to Bent Fest 2009, got into the New York Electroacoustic Music Festival, were a part of NASA and helped throw a fantastic party in Newark where I did live visuals with Eric Drasin and Colin was an audio modulating astronaut, got onto a Tiger Claw Records compilation Do Not Bend 2, and lastly started a business experiment in alternative economies and methods of distribution for artists. Not to mention the continual finding/getting/losing/finding jobs, having lives, and general biting off more than we can chew. But by now I guess we have come to accept we just like to chew with our mouth open.

ps: also I still love indexhibit and all the hard work vaska and people put into it. I just think we like to change things about yearly and its bout time for a change. When we have time to do that however is a whole nother story. So for now get Indexhibit and let it make your website look goooood.